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CPC - 600 centrifugal cleaning machine

  • Professional cleaning equipment, camera module to remove Holder, CMOS ontology, a tiny particles of dust on the surface of a Wafer

Product description

CPC-600 centrifugal cleaning machine
Used in Wafer, CMOS- body, substrate, CCD shell powder, impurities.Holder, Holder+IR, Lens, VCM and other cleaning operations
Adjustable speed centrifugal type
Automatic process control
Transparent explosion-proof door, operation safety guarantee
Mirror stainless steel body sealing structure
Meter monitoring system, in line with ISO operations
Super large Wash-Tank increase efficiency
Pre operation, no two pollution
1 square meters of equipment space, easy deployment
Low noise, no pollution - clean room design
Automatic water pressure filtration
technical parameter
Max working plate: 600mm
Max workpiece: 200mm (L) * 140mm (W)
Cleaning method: high pressure flushing + water two fluid cleaning
Drying method: high speed centrifugal dehydration (ion wind)
* working circling speed range: 0--2840 r/min
Centrifugal cleaning release pressure: 1.5 - 13.8kg
Pure water filtration accuracy: 0.1 M
Air filtration accuracy: 0.01 M
It can wash Particle particles: the minimum diameter is greater than or equal to 1um more than 98%
Equipment material: 316 stainless steel mirror
Washing water supply pressure: >2.0Kgf
Clean water flow setting range: 10.8L/min
DI supply cleanliness requirements: >17 M
Clean compressed air supply pressure: 0.45 - 0.7MPa
- clean compressed air cleanliness requirements: filter degree at 0.01 m above /99.5% ultra clean compressed air, the residual oil is less than 0.1ppm
Clean compressed air consumption: high pressure flushing: N/A two fluid cleaning: 100L/min
The air exhaust pipe capacity: 5.0m fand /min
Control mode: PLC+ touch screen
Equipment weight: 480KG
Power supply: 380V 10A 50HZ
Equipment size: 870mm (L) X1000mm (W) X1750mm (H)
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