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KED offline PCBA cleaning machine

  • KED 600 automatic cleaner for water is a compact structure, energy conservation, environmental protection, batch clean integration comprehensive high-end cleaning machine.

Product description

Machine features:
Comprehensive cleaning system: for the surface of the residue of organic matter, inorganic matter for a thorough and effective cleaning;
Automatic cleaning mode: complete cleaning, rinsing and drying in a clean room;
Visualization of the whole process: the spray room is equipped with a visual window, and the installation of 2 LED lights, cleaning process at a glance;
Large cleaning capacity: 610mm (L) *560mm (W) *100mm (H) double layer design, to meet the larger product size and higher cleaning capacity;
The most scientific nozzle design: the use of increasing the distribution of the left and right sides to improve the cleaning efficiency; upper and lower dislocation distribution, completely solve the blind area of the cleaning.
Nozzle pressure adjustable design: reduce the small size products in the process of cleaning under high pressure spray conditions caused by collision, splash hidden danger
The dilution tank heating system - Standard: greatly enhance the cleaning efficiency, shorten the cleaning time
Large touch screen interface: the use of stable and reliable color touch screen, according to different products set different cleaning process parameters, the operation is more simple
High standards of cleanliness: ion contamination is fully in line with IPC-610D's class III standard (below 1.5ug/cm^2, whichever is accurate) and the US military standard MIL28809 grade I
Convenient cleaning agent ratio: can be added manually, but also can be set according to the proportion (5%-25%) of DI water and chemical mixture
The auxiliary heating system - spray chamber: cleaning, rinsing process for temperature compensation, keep the temperature of the liquid, ensure the operation cost of cleaning, rinsing effect lower: built-in filter system using the cleaning liquid recycling, recycling and effective way to reduce the loss of dilution concentration liquid compensation system: in the process of equipment operation, dilution concentration gradually reduce the concentration of compensation system to ensure the dilution concentration is kept in the best range
Spray room structure: double seal design of spray room, to ensure good sealing effect
Technical parameters:
Cleaning basket size: single layer: 610mm (L) *560mm (W) *100mm (H) double layer design
Dilution tank capacity: 70L
Spray tank capacity: 17L
Concentration tank capacity: 30L
Cleaning method: 360 degree rotary cleaning
Cleaning time: 5-30 minutes (Reference)
Rinse time: 1-2 minutes (Reference)
Rinse times: 1-99 times (can be set to demand)
Drying time: 20-30 minutes (Reference)
Cleaning fluid recovery filter: 0.45 m (filter micro: solder paste, rosin, flux and pollutants)
Rinse liquid discharge filter: 0.45 m (filter micro: solder paste, rosin, flux and contaminants)
Diluent heating temperature: room temperature to 55 C
Spray tank temperature compensation: room temperature to 55 C
Drying heating temperature: room temperature to 80 DEG C
Resistivity monitoring range: 0 ~ 18M.
DI water supply: 30 ~ 60L/min
Water pressure: DI = 0.4Mpa
DI water inlet and outlet connections: 1 inch
Air supply: 0.45Mpa~ 0.7Mpa
Air consumption: 200-400L/Min
Power supply: AC380V 50HZ 65A
Machine weight: 600Kg
Vent size: 100 (W) * 30MM (H)
Machine size: 1200mm (L) *1100mm (W) *1830mm (H)
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