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K-1800 Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine

  • This is a solvent based stencil cleaning machine. Its excelent performance on cleaning and low cost have proved in over 300 customer site. It can also be uesed to cleaning misprint borad and print squegge by using fixture.

Product description


● Used for cleaning solder paste, glue etc.

Completely pneumatic operating without fire risk.

Cleaning in closed-loop which make lowest cleaning solvent consumption

Equipped with high precision tri-filtering system

Special design on air exhaust can reduce cleaning chemistry consumption

Good  adaptability for compressor air(only 0.45Mpa could run

Cleaning and drying process can be easily control with one-button operation.

Stainless steel canbinet with good reliability and can resisit any hurt by acid and alkali cleaning chemistry.

Technical Data

Stencil Size:Max 750mm(L) ×750mm(W) × 40mm(H)

Liquid Tank Capability:Max 40L

Liquid Usage Amount:35L

Cleaning Method:360°rotary spray solvent for cleaning; High air pressure for drying

Cleaning Time Setting:2-5 Min

Drying Time Setting:2-5 Min

Compressor Air:0.45Mpa ~ 0.7Mpa

Air Consumption:400-600L/Min

Dross Filter:Three class filter system

Class 1 Filter:10μm(Filter impurities and Label)

Class 2 Filter:5μm (Filter granule and solder paste)

Class 3 Filter:1μm  ( Filter granule and rosin)

Outlet Size:Φ124(W)×50mm(H)

Net Weight:220Kg

Machine Size:1000mm(L) ×640mm(W) × 1660mm(H)

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