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Stencil Cleaner to clean the stencil with the traditional manual cleaning compared to what are the advantages?

first: Stencil Cleaner. Manual cleaning of the hole wall can not be thoroughly cleaned, and the hole wall damage, stripping the printing less Scylla tip.

two:Cost savings (Stencil Cleaner cleaning solution can be recycled)

Third: we choose the double-sided pressure rotating spray washing had no effect on the steel mesh tension.

UNICOMP the X-ray equipment, ground Why should an independent ground?

X-ray equipment, the core components of high voltage power supply box will generate hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of volts of high voltage X-ray after the open work, the moment when the detection of different substances to change the voltage or switch X-ray power supply box will have a strong electrostatic current static current can not instantly released, will have equipment static-sensitive components and equipment operator hazard.

Independent ground, compared to a common ground can be faster and better release hazards electrostatic, so as to achieve the purpose of protection equipment and equipment operator.

Your company's core components of high voltage power supply output voltage, current, or power?Ripple and stability have special requirements?

The core components of our product high-voltage power supply output voltage is 0-100KV current 0-10mA, the power is: 100W; ripple and stability need to see what are the requirements for your load.

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